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Become A Volunteer

Volunteers play an integral role in changing the political landscape. If you would like to do more than vote in the upcoming election, then please join our volunteer team. We are always looking for more bodies to canvass the streets with us. By doing more than just voting, volunteer for a political campaign. There is no way to better impact change than to be at the forefront of the campaign trail. Why wait? Take action today!

Host a Meet & Greet with
Monica Roebuck

Hosting a meet-and-greet is an excellent way to build rapport. It’s an opportunity to receive personal insight into Monica Roebuck’s campaign platform. Not only will your friends and family hear from Ms. Roebuck directly, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas. Her campaign team is one of the efficient groups on the political trail. They are all fully committed to placing the “Community First.”

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