Students must have the skills necessary to thrive in a global society. It will be important that students have the reading and math skills upon graduation, but skills in technology, strong writing and leadership skills will be essential. We need to do more to focus on STEM related classes.

Research says that a teacher is the most important factor in the classroom.  We need a certified teacher in every classroom. Therefore we must streamline the process and offer incentives for new teachers.  Many schools in urban district have a high turnover rate and low retention.  Prince George’s County especially has a high level of uncertified or conditional teachers.  My goal is to ensure every child has a certified teacher in every classroom.

Building construction is also my priority.   Many of the school buildings have been built in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  We need state of the art school buildings with the technology and equipment for teachers.  Many schools have a crumbling infrastructure to include mold, and heating and plumbing problems.  These problems present major health challenges for our children. We can do better!!!  We know that parents cannot do it alone.  We must work together to make sure that schools have the necessary services to meet social emotional needs of our students.  Many students have suffered trauma due to the loss of a parent, divorce or poverty.  I fully support community schools which can provide counselors, after school programs and resources for parents.  My education priorities include:

  • Lower class sizes
  • New school construction for old buildings
  • A certified teacher in every classroom
  • Community Schools for wrap around services
  • Equitable funding for our high poverty school
  • Higher teacher salaries/Tax credits for educators
  • Eliminate the school to prison pipeline
  • Diversify our workforce



Every child deserves a quality education so that they can have a bright future.  Unfortunately, many schools lack the resources and struggle with overcrowding. It is critical that funding is equitable especially to schools that are high poverty and have a high level of special needs students.  I will fight to make sure that every school is funded properly. As a result, education has become one of the most important civil rights issues of our time.